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On September 19, 1846,in the Alps mountains between Gap and Grenoble,Maximin (11 years old) and Mélanie (14 years old) met a Beautiful Lady.

They did not understand that it was the Virgin Mary. She gave them amessageand asked them to pass it on to all his people.

That's what they did.

Today, La Salette is known all over the world.

Our Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de la Salette is an apostolic religious congregation, under pontifical right since September 19, 2022, at the service of the Church and its mission.

She was born on December 6, 1965 from the union of 2 Congregations: the Reparatory Religious and the Missionary Sisters whose foundation draws its origin from the Apparition of Mary at La Salette, on September 19, 1846, in Isère, in the diocese of Grenoble, France.

Our history and the tradition of our Congregation are rooted in the event of La Salette. This is why we are particularly sensitive - for ourselves and for our world - to the call to Reconciliation and Conversion launched by Mary.

Our spirituality led us to welcome two other Congregations by fusion: the Sisters Messengers of La Salette from Angola and the Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer and Mary Mediatrix from France.


We are an international Congregation, currently present in 11 countries.

Enriched with different histories and cultures, we must rise to the challenge of building a unified Body.

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