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God renews his covenant with his people

God makes a covenant with us, Sisters of Our Lady of La Salette

We received the DECREE that Rome gave us on September 19, 2022.

This date was preceded by different paths, these paths that allowed us to go further to the roots of our Christian life and our religious life, which our superior general Elisabeth GUIBOUX from 2013 to 2022 called: Time of refoundation. Personally, in community and in the Congregation we were led, accompanied, helped to do this exercise of "walking with your God who calls you personally but asks you that this call be realized in a way of triple covenant: Me, God and the Congregation that I have chosen to carry out this call according to its rules of Life, its spirituality. This time was necessary: it was a time of grace and blessing. He gave us the impetus as disciples of reconciliation, he allowed us to verify our vocation, according to the Spirit of Reconciliation.

This time also allows us – at the request of Rome – to adjust our Constitutions to use the theological and canonical words of today, to understand the teachings of the Church through the major texts of the Dicastery for Religious Life.

In the end, this time given to us for spiritual deepening, a time of spiritual exercise between the call of God, our human life, the Spirituality of Reconciliation and what the Church expects of us. Un temps au Dieu renews his covenant with his people through our vocation as missionaries of Reconciliation in the heart of our world.

And on June 27, 2022 on the feast of St Anne and St Joachim, Pope Francis gave his assent for us to become an Institute of pontifical right. With the Dicastery we have chosen the date of September 19, on the occasion of the feast of Our Lady of La Salette for the official announcement of this Decree.

The Decree is there, but life goes on, the time of refoundation continues so that vocation and mission are always consolidated and strengthened.

The time to appropriate a personal and Congregational vocation in the communities where our Sisters are sent always finds its topicality so that, day after day, the beat of Reconciliation be life in each one, life in community and that it be the life to transmit in the mission of each Sister and of all the communities.

Choose at every moment to configure ourselves to Christ Savior and Reconciliator and translate Him into the 11 countries where we are through different missions:

  • In the different sanctuaries

  • in education

  • In the world of health

  • In the promotion of women

  • In the pastoral care of the Church

  • At the service of refugees, and inter-religion.


To live this better, so that the strength to move forward be with us, we always ask for the prayer of the Church and your prayer, you who are reading this article.

  And if God gives you a sign to join us in announcing the Good News of Reconciliation? Do you refuse to pose with his gaze that turns towards you?


Sister Estelle, Superior General of the Sisters of Notre Dame de la Salette

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