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History of the Congregation

Miss Henriette Deluy-Fabry was born in Marseilles in 1828. Following numerous pilgrimages to Notre-Dame de La Salette, she decided to become a nun of La Salette by founding a new congregation, animated by a triple spirit of sacrifice, of apostolate and prayer. It was encouraged by Pius IX in 1866.


On December 20, 1872, the first seven Religious Reparatrices ascended to the Sanctuary. Then they accompanied the Missionaries of La Salette to Belgium and Poland. They receive, in the Grenoble region, the direction of a house for disabled people, the responsibility of the Chapel of Adoration and a dispensary. At the beginning of the 20th century, a missionary impulse developed.


The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of La Salette were founded by Fr. Crozet, MS and erected by the Bishop of Soissons in his diocese in 1930. They accompany the Missionaries of La Salette in France (Notre-Dame de l'Hermitage , Chalon-sur-Saône and Alaï-Francheville), in Switzerland, in Belgium, in Canada, in the United States, in Italy - "for the service of the Fathers" and "for any work of feminine apostolate". Union to serve In 1955, the union of the two branches began, at the request of the Religious Reparatrices, and was approved by Rome on the eve of the closing of the Council in 1964.


In 1997, in Angola, a community of the Messenger Sisters of Our Lady of La Salette was recognized by the Bishop of Benguela. They merged with the Sisters of La Salette in 2004 (...)

Sr Elisabeth GUIBOUX, snds

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