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Nos sœurs au Brésil

Visite canonique de Sr Estelle, supérieure générale et sr Regina, conseillère générale au Brésil

In Brazil, the population is more than 200 million inhabitants and the area is nearly 8,515,770 km², or 286 times the size of Belgium, and nearly 16 times the size of France.

The Sisters of La Salette have two communities: in Uniào da Victoria (Parana) in the south of the country and in Vàrzea Grande (Mato Grosso) in the center west.
The missions are quite extensive. They are engaged in the parish for catechesis, the accompaniment of children, visits to families. They invest themselves in the animation of the liturgy, the pastoral care of health, and the pastoral care of vocations.
They are also employed at the hospital as social workers and nurses.
They have projects for children and adolescents  because they are poor in every sense of the word. They want to develop prevention against drugs, and early pregnancies.
In the animations, they receive lessons in dance, music, they learn to sing, crafts and computers. They can play sports and tutoring lessons are provided.
The sisters are currently 8.

Vocational animation on the radio
by sr Yvette

Sr Yvette Animation voc radio dec 2022.jpg

September 19, 2022 at Uniào da Victoria

Soeurs de la Salette Brésil

Our sisters in Varzea Grande (Brazil)

Our sisters at Uniào da Victoria
(Parana - Brazil)

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